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Your child gets sick over and over again. They get colds and other infectious illnesses frequently. This is probably little children are exposed to new viruses all the time.  Even at your comfort of your own house, viruses are there. It shows how weak and vulnerable their immune systems are. So, IMMUNIZA to the rescue!

IMMUNIZA contains an outstanding blend of 5 antibacterial and anti-infectious prominent essential oils. It includes potent essential oils that help babies develop a stronger immune system and fight illnesses. When diffused, this blend stimulates the brain and improves energy to promote good health for them.

IMMUNIZA is a 100% essential oil blend formulated by a certified aromatherapist, free from synthetic chemicals and alcohol. It is safe for toddlers and children (from as early as 6 months old to 6 years old), G6PD patients, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.


• Antibacterial 

• Combats virus infection

• Strengthens the immune system


a) Directly inhale from the bottle.

b) Add 5 drops in 70mL of water to Ronella’s diffuser.

c) Dilute 2 drops in a 10mL of your choice of carrier oil.

d) Mix with body wash or shampoo and add some carrier oil.


Lemon essential oil, Orange essential oil, Palmarosa essential oil, Dill Seed essential oil, and Tea Tree essential oil.


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