Aloevera Hand Sanitizer with Lavender Bulgaria essential oil



We used to not care about hygiene. Everywhere we go, we can’t avoid touching things around us. Since the pandemic broke out, now we’re too scared to touch things. We even use disposable gloves and plastics to protect our hands. But do you know that we have better way to protect our hands? HAND SANITIZER!

Hand sanitizer has become our best friend ever since. Ronella proudly present to you, our very own ALOE VERA HAND SANITIZER. We heard you, “sensitive” people! This sanitizer will not irritate your skin as it also moisturizes dry skin. And of course, 6 miraculous ingredients are combined to kill 99.9% germs!

When water is unavailable, SANITIZE SANITIZE SANITIZE! A spray of ALOE VERA HAND SANITIZER keeps the virus away. Bye bye CoCo!

Do check out Ronella’s range of hand sanitizers on our website! Friendly reminder to our loyal Ronella consumers, SANITIZE to IMMUNIZE


Apply deliberately to dry hands and rub briskly until evaporated. Only use it when water is unavailable.


Aloevera Gel, Aqua, Isopropyl alcohol, Carbopol, Glycerin & Lavender bulgaria essential oil.


Keep it somewhere cool. Please avoid direct sunlight. Be safe from children outreach.

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