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Most babies and little children experience getting rashes on their skin. Rashes cause itchiness, and sometimes it is eczema. Allergies probably cause this as they are still little and trying to adapt to their surroundings. Yet, it is not an excuse to turn a blind eye.

When applied topically, RASHES helps alleviate rashes, itchiness, and some eczema symptoms. Its curative properties relieve pain in the affected area, especially while wearing diapers. It hydrates, moisturizes, and soothes the skin and generates new skin cells at the same time. RASHES also has antimicrobial properties for fighting airborne viruses and bacteria when diffused into the air.

RASHES is a 100% essential oil blend formulated by a certified aromatherapist, free from synthetic chemicals and alcohol. It is safe to be used on toddlers and children (from as early as 6 months old to 6 years old), G6PD patients, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.


• Antifungal

• Antibacterial

• Eczema remedy

• Radiant skin

• Treats rashes


a) Directly inhale from the bottle.

b) Add 5 drops in 70mL of water to Ronella’s diffuser.

c) Dilute 2 drops in a 10mL of your choice of carrier oil.

d) Mix with body wash or shampoo and add some carrier oil.


Helichrysum essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil, Lavender essential oil, and Rose Geranium essential oil.


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