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Little ones pick up viruses such as cold and flu more easily than adults. Their immune systems are exposed to bacteria, and it will leave them uncomfortable, and they might fall sick afterwards. It will be a never-ending cycle for parents to wipe their runny noses and cover coughs.

BREATHE helps ease the respiratory system, and their coughs and flu will go away little by little, leaving the babies comfortable and calm again. It also aids in providing immune system support.

BREATHE is a 100% essential oil-based balm formulated by a certified aromatherapist, free from synthetic chemicals and alcohol. It is safe to be used on toddlers and children, G6PD patients, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers.


Calms cranky babies

Relieves cold and flu

Reduces cough

Refreshing scent

Strengthens the immune system

Respiratory relief and easy breathing

Smooth onto baby’s skin; their back, feet, chest and nose, especially after a bath, and suitable to be used when in an air-conditioned room.


Rosalina essential oil, Fir Needle essential oil, Lavender essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, Bees wax, Olive oil & Virgin coconut oil.

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