Wira Balm Set of 3


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Parenting is amazing and still undeniably a challenging role especially for first-timers. Every child is different. When little angels are found crying without reason, or we know the exact cause, but we don’t know what to do. Should we bathe them? Should we feed them? Is the air conditioner not working? Is it because of the rashes? One of the best solutions would be applying a specific balm for your delicate-skin baby.

Fret not. WIRA balms are formulated to aid your babies’ conditions:

1) HAPPY helps calm tantrums.

2) COOLIO reduces the temperature when fever.

3) DAY OUT to avoid insect bites.

4) IMMUNIZA to strengthen the immune system.

5) GOOD NIGHT for better sleep 

6) RASHES to relieve dry skin and eczema.

7) BURPY for indigestion.

8) BREATHE to ease cough and respiration.

9) NEWBORN to moisturize skin.

Why have only 1 when you can have 3 balms? Parents can choose 3 out of these 9 amazing balms for our little Wiras for only RM125. Please notifying us your choices of 3 balms before checking out in the NOTE section.

Kindly click WIRA on our products section to further understand each balm before applying it to your baby.

NET WEIGHT:  30g per balm


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