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Sometimes, parents find themselves challenging to burp their babies after feeding, and parents tend to get worried and panic if their little ones don’t burp. It is crucial for babies to burp after feeding to ensure that the gas they swallow is removed.

It is convenient to place it inside a bag due to its pocket-size friendly design. BURPY mini balm is parents’ next best friend! And, of course, BFF to the babies as well. BURPY helps to get rid of extra gas in the stomach so that babies will not get bloated, which will prevent other digestive problems.

BURPY is a 100% essential oil-based balm formulated by a certified aromatherapist, free from synthetic chemicals and alcohol. It is safe to be used on toddlers and children, G6PD patients, pregnant women, and breastfeeding mothers.


• Overcomes gassy stomach

• Relieves bloated stomach

• Helps prevent digestive problems

• Calming scent

Smooth onto baby’s chest, back, stomach, feet, and nose. Suitable to be used at any time, specifically after breastfeeding.


Citronella essential oil, Ylang Ylang essential oil, Tea Tree essential oil,Lavender essential oil, Bees wax, Olive oil and Virgin coconut oil.

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