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Have you ever felt sudden sadness? The next thing you know, you are already drowning in an ocean of your own tears. Women feel moodier than usual because all sorts of emotions are felt at once. Mood swings during menstruation are common for women that usually happen a week or before period.

IN LOVE essential oil blend is incredibly helpful to stabilize mood swings and improve one’s emotions before menstruation. When diffused, it promotes relaxation so you can sleep better.  IN LOVE consists of amazing blends that relieve menstrual cramps and reduce stress as well.

IN LOVE is a 100% essential oil blend formulated by a certified aromatherapist, free from synthetic chemicals and alcohol. It is safe for children (5 years old and above), men and postpartum healing for body freshness, except for pregnant women.


• Stabilizes mood

• Reduces stress

• Refreshes mind

• Aromatic and calming


a) Directly inhale from the bottle.

b) Add 5 drops in 70mL of water to Ronella’s diffuser.

c) Dilute 2 drops in a 10mL of your choice of carrier oil.

d) Dilute with any carrier oil before mixing with body wash or shampoo.

Storage:  Store in a cool place from heat and avoid direct sunlight.


Lavender essential oil, Rose Geranium essential oil, Palmarosa essential oil, Petitgrain essential oil, Neroli essential oil, Frankincense essential oil, and Clary Sage essential oil.


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