Ovule Diffuser


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The most anticipate diffuser of all! Introducing you the OVULE DIFFUSER!

It is the only diffuser which does not require battery nor any power source. And of course it does not need water too!

Just drop few drops of your favourite essential oil on top of this Ovule Diffuser.

Made from the material from gypsum, it can withhold and retain the aroma of essential oils for a period of time.

Suitable to use in your car, small bedroom, your office cubicle, drawers, stores, about the range of 1-2 metre square.

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Place it at your chosen spot, and drop few drops of your favorite essential oils on the surface of the diffusers.


Place it on a flat surface. Do not drop it. It will be easily broken if do not handle with care. Be safe from children outreach.

Net Weight:

72 grams


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