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Even if you’re not living in winter countries, Malaysia can sometimes be hot and cold. And that Ronellers, what makes your lips dry and the next thing you know, they start to crack and bleed. Lip balms are not only for women. The colour is not striking at all. So, to fellow men out there, MINTS is a perfect choice for your dry-looking lips.

Natural ingredients in MINTS makes it an excellent remedy to heal dry and flaky lips. It has this light scent and is not overwhelming that comforts your pout. When applied to the lips, it feels uplifting and vitalizing.

Fresh and minty, MINTS soothes and replenishes dry and cracked lips. You can keep MINTS in your pocket, wallet or office desk drawer. You will find peace knowing your lips are being taken care of by MINTS whenever and wherever you need it.

Direction:  Glide on the lips any time of the day.

Store in a cool place or at room temperature from heat and avoid direct sunlight. Discard the product 1 year after opening.

Weight:  7g

Shea Butter, Bees Wax, Virgin Coconut Oil, Peppermint Essential Oil, & Spearmint Essential Oil.




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