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Basil leaves are commonly used in dishes due to its wonderful herbaceous fragrant that complements the cooking.

Basil oil on the other hand is aromatically warm, spicy and herbal that helps to create a calming and relaxing environment. When the oil is applied on the temples and back of the neck, your feelings of tension and stress will slowly melt away.

All we ever wanted is to live a stress-free environment and Basil essential oil is the solution!


• Prevent vomiting

• Reduce anxiety and unwind stress

• Treat headache

• Lessen mental fatigue

• Balances stress hormones

Use 3 to 4 drops in Ronella’s diffuser. Dilute 1 to 2 drops in your favourite carrier oil before applying to desired area.

Store in a cool place from heat and avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.

Net Weight: 10ml

Ingredients: Ocimum basilicum

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