BALINESE Natural Soy Candle


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Ronella first ever Natural Soy Candle, BALINESE, has been formulated to take you on a journey to BALI – no passport required. The 100% natural soy wax burns up to 30 hours while filling any room with the spices and luster from this majestic far away land, entirely by our truly natural essential oils.


    Please read the candle care instruction below.


    Keep your candle somewhere dry in room temperature.




    100% Natural Soy Wax, Cotton Wick, Lemongrass essential oil, Patchouli essential oil, Lime essential oil, and Ginger essential oil


    To enjoy Ronella Natural Soy Candle for as long as possible, burn it until the wax surface is completely melted. This will ensure a flat, uniform surface for your next use. Maintain the wick by cutting it regularly to prevent the candle from smoking. Gently re-centre the wick while the wax is still melted after each use to prevent the glass turning black. Avoid placing your candle in breezy areas when burning so as not to let the scent escape. Place it on a suitable base to protect the surface underneath. Once the candle goes out, we recommend you cover it with its aluminium lid to preserve its scent and avoid dust accumulation. 

    PS : While using a natural soy wax, candles may frost (white coating) or have small change in colour or aspect overtime, which is a natural occurrence with soy wax. This will not affect how your candle burns, and it is normal with natural waxes.


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