Pinus Pinaster naturally grows by the rivers and lakes in Austria. Its active ingredients create luxuriant aroma.

Pine Essential Oil soothes tired muscles and aids in better respiratory system. Fresh and woody scented, it also beneficial to reduce anxiety symptoms.

Embrace yourself with these numerous benefits of essential oil.

Benefits :

• Reduce musculoskeletal pain

• Enhancing concentration

• Antibacterial & antiseptic

• Relieve rheumatism

• Ease respiratory

• Soothe sinusitis

Direction :
Diffuse 3 drops of Pine Essential Oil with few drops of Cedarwood for refreshing atmosphere using Ronella’s diffuser. For tired muscles, add 6 drops in any carrier oils and massage it to skin.

Storage :
Store in a cool place from heat and avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.

Net Weight : 10ml

Ingredients : Pinus pinaster

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