‘Helichrysum’ in Greek is ‘helios’ meaning sun and gold, referring to the colour of the flowers themselves. Its oil is immensely valued for its health benefits.

Helichrysum oil is prominently known for its remedial properties to rejuvenate and improve appearance of the skin. Healthy looking skin promotes a glowing and youthful complexion. Hence, confidence is restored!

Sweet and herbal woody scented, Helichrysum essential oil is at your service!


• Reduce appearance of blemishes

• Healthier looking skin

• Wound healing

• Helps insomnia

Use 5 to 7 drops in Ronella’s diffuser to create an uplifting aroma. Dilute it before applying to the face.

Store in a cool place from heat and avoid direct sunlight. Keep out of the reach of children.

Net Weight: 10ml

Ingredients: Helichrysum italicum

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