Clove Bud



Syzygium Aromaticum is native to Southeast Asia but now has grown largely in other locations too.

It ranges in colour from colourless to light yellow and its sweet and spicy aroma is used for a variety of purposes. Described as heart warming, Clove Bud essential oil aids in supporting a healthy immune system. It also creates a warm and soothing environment.

One drop of Clove Bud essential oil to toothpaste cleanse the teeth and gums while providing internal health benefits.

Benefits :

• Act as antibacterial

• Ease digestion

• Provide immune support

• Reduce musculoskeletal pain

• Promote smooth skin

Direction :
Dilute it with your favourite carrier oil and massage on the affected area. Diffuse up to 30 minutes with Ronella’s diffuser for immune boosting.

Storage :
Store in a cool, dark place and keep out of the reach of children.

Net Weight : 10ml

Ingredients : Syzygium Aromaticum

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