Charcoal Face and Body Sugar Scrub


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Pampering your skin with this exfoliating & detoxifying sugar scrub! This skincare powerhouse will gently exfoliates & calms troubled skin. Exfoliating with a this sugar scrub can help the appearance of smoother & glowing skin because sugar scrubs typically offer gentle yet effective exfoliation. 

Activated Charcoal are very good at drawing toxins out of the skin as you exfoliate away dead skin cells. It can pull double duty as a detoxifying skin mask if you let it set for 5-10 minutes after scrubbing and before rinsing it off.

With the additional of Lemon & Turmeric essential oil, it will helps to brighten up dull skin, giving the whitening effect & eliminate unwanted body odour.

This scrub is totally ideal for all skin types especially for acne prone or problematic skin. 

Net Weight:

56 grams / 2 oz


Activated Charcoal, Lemon essential oil, Turmeric essential oil, Shea butter, Virgin coconut oil, Sucrose, Optiphen, & Emulsifying wax.


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