Natural Soap Clary Sage

Natural Soap Clary Sage

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A natural blends of Clary Sage pure essential oils, Virgin coconut oil, olive oil and shea butter which is gentle cleanses and nourishes the skin. Formulated from all natural ingredients to protect skin and planet, our hypoallergenic soap is biodegradable, kind to waterways and safe for marine life, so you can feel good inside and out. Definitely will make your shower like a walk in a Clary Sage garden. 


  • Nourishes skin
  • Helps skin inflammation 
  • Relieve stress
  • Enhance mood
  • Improve blood circulation 


Work this soap into a foamy lather on your skin before rinsing away.


Keep your soap somewhere cool, and after you’ve used it just place it on the side to dry so it’s ready to go over, and over again




Olive Oil, Virgin Coconut Oil, Shea Butter, Sodium hydroxide, Aqua, Clary Sage Essential Oil.

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